End of Term 3 News

Dear Parents & Carers,
We are almost there, the end of another term. I would once again like to thank you for your support of the school throughout and especially the period we have been in lockdown and the students in remote learning. I hope everyone can take some time to reduce the additional stress working from home has placed on families, enjoying not being ‘teachers’ for the next two weeks. I hope everyone remains safe and healthy.

A reminder that the term finishes tomorrow at 1.00pm.
Camp Australia is available for 1.00pm

Term 4
At the time of writing it is expected that term 4 begins Monday 4th October. I do not have any news to share on whether we will return to onsite learning or remain in remote learning but hope this is made clear as part of the Victorian Government’s roadmap announcement on Sunday.

We will keep you updated about our arrangements by Skoolbag.

Staff News
I would like to congratulate Glenn Mugavin & Lisa Black as they have been confirmed as co Deputy Principals of St Andrew’s for the next few years. They have been in an acting role since Tracie left but through the recent review it became clear that their skills and knowledge of the school would be an advantage as we develop and implement a new School Improvement Plan.

Marie Westgarth will be taking Long Service Leave for Term 4. In her absence Anne-Marie Palmer & Candida Fitzgerald will be acting as learning leaders for grades 5/6 & Grades 3/4 respectively. They will be released from classroom duties for a day a week. Their replacements will hopefully be able to be announced for the beginning of term 4.

ICT News (Roblox & Discord)
There have been some recent examples of students using their school issued chromebooks to access Roblox & Discord. Discord in particular has led to some inappropriate online behaviour by our students, leading to me asking our technicians to block access to these websites via our Google platform. From today, students should not be able to use their chromebooks to access either of these programs.

Over the holidays, while no-one is onsite, we are painting rooms 1 & 2, 4 & 5. It has been a long time since they have had some attention so I hope they will look fresh and inviting when our Grade 5 & 6 students return to school.

Cookie Dough
Don’t forget that cookie dough orders can be collected from the Sports Centre foyer, enter via Stawell St, on Thursday 23 September between 2.30 & 4.00pm. 

Enjoy the school holidays

Go Doggies, Go Dees, Go Storm – may the best team win.

Michael Gavaghan



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