Newsletter Term 2 Week 6


Lord, open up our hearts so that we may hear the message you teach of a world in which the wrongs of the past are recognised – a world in which a reconciled people walk and talk together sharing stories; a world in which all burn with the desire to have your peace and justice reign. We ask this in Jesus’ name.  AMEN

Principal’s Message

This Sunday is the Feast of Pentecost, sometimes seen as the birthday of the Christian church as it acknowledges Jesus’ followers, inspired by the Holy Spirit, going forth and spreading God’s word to all nations. As a catholic school this is our mission, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit we are called to teach the word of God to those in our care.

I would like to provide further information to my last newsletter, in which I wrote about staff shortages. As we approach the end of term we are being challenged each day to meet the educational goals and our duty of care expectations due to staff illness, and professional learning and responsibility expectations. This week it becomes even more pronounced as Nicole Sciberras takes a period of leave, Chrissie Van Der Hoeven will be extending her leave as she will be having some surgery as is Tennille Purton from Grade 1. Our CRT agencies have informed us they have no more teachers available between now and the end of the term. This means we will increasingly be using other means to cover absences such as splitting or combining classes. I ask your understanding during this time should this involve your child’s class. Please be assured we are doing the best we can under exceptionally tough circumstances.

Just a reminder that should a member of your household test positive for COVID, please inform the school. We are required to keed a track of postive cases that involve students as well as those who are household close contacts. A household close contact does not have to isolate as long as they complete a RAT test 5 out of the 7 days, and if over 8 years of age, wear a mask in public, including school. If symptomatic you should be staying home.

We are currently taking enrolments for 2023. If you have a child who will turn 5 before April 30, 2023, please approach the office for an enrolment pack.

This coming weekend is the Queen’s Birthday long weekend, there is no school next Monday 13 June. Please enjoy a well deserved break.

Take Care
Michael Gavaghan

Catholic Identity news

Teaching & Learning
Our Foundation students have been learning to be like Jesus by sharing with and caring for others. They listened to Old Testament stories and responded by creating a Noah and the Ark display. Our students described in words and pictures that Noah listened to God and cared for the animals.

Catholic Social Justice in Action
Our Mini-Vinnies Team’s Term 3 action is to contribute to the St Vincent de Paul Winter Appeal. We are seeking volunteers to help us knit woolen scarves & beanies and to donate clean blankets.

Connection with St Andrew’s Parish
Last Tuesday night, 20 students from Year 4 celebrated the Sacrament of First Eucharist in St Andrew’s Church with their families. Eucharist is a holy ritual of thanksgiving, remembrance and being life-giving to others. We thank Fr Jossy, for being our celebrant, and everyone (families, teachers & the choir) who supported these young Catholics to prepare for and celebrate this significant step in their faith development. A group photo of the children is available from the School.

Fr Jossy talked with students from Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6 about how they can be active in the parish, particularly in the role of altar servers at school & weekend masses. An altar server enrolment form was distributed.

Reports Semester 1

Semester 1 Student Reports will be emailed to parents/guardians from Thursday June 23.

Year 4 News

It’s been a jam-packed term for our Year 4 students!

In Week 4, our students visited Camp Wilkin in Anglesea. We had fun learning new skills and participating in new and exciting experiences such as archery, bike riding, flying fox, leap of faith, beach games and bush cooking. It was wonderful to see our students trying new things, strengthening friendships and growing as learners, all the while maintaining our school values of Safety, Respect and Responsibility.

Congratulations to our students who received the Sacrament of their Holy First Communion on Tuesday 24th May. Know that you will carry the Lord’s blessings and love with you forever.
Thank you to Glenn Mugavin for helping us to guide our students and families through this special time.

Year 4 News Gallery

School Jumpers in Year 1/2

We have several woollen and PE jumpers in the year 1 and year 2 area that have been left at school without any names on them.

Please contact your year 1 or 2 teacher if you are missing any items.  Please remember to label all clothing.

Thank you.

PE News

Cross Country
On Thursday 2nd June the Hobson Bay and Wyndham District Cross Country event was held at Presidents Park.
We had Grace Elliott in Year 4 representing not only St Andrew’s Primary School but as part of a larger team of Wyndham District runners.
Grace competed against 80 other 9/10 year old girls and finished in an impressive 17th position.

Well Done Grace!!!!!! We are very proud of your achievement and excited to see where your running takes you in the future.

Hoop Time Trials
Trials for the Year 5 students will be next Tuesday 7th June.
The boys will have their trial at recess / snack and the girls at lunchtime.
These trials are open for every Year 5 student.

Year 6 Gala Day
The Year 6 Gala Day is on Friday 17th June. We have 2 mixed Soccer and 2 mixed Netball teams competing on the day.
The Netball event will be at Mossfiel Drive Netball Courts and the Soccer will be at Galvin Park.
Parents are invited to come and support their children. The first games are scheduled for 10.00am.
If you’d like to assist with scoring or umpiring at either sport we’d be very grateful. Please contact myself, Anne-Marie or Georgia if you’d like to assist on the day.

Ms Taylor

STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering Mathematics)

Students across the school have been actively engaged in creating their own innovations.  In STEM students have been learning about biomimicry and design thinking.  Some Year 5 and 6 students are currently preparing entries for the MACS STEM MAD Competition in August.

Digital Safety at St. Andrew’s

All children have the right to feel safe at St Andrews.
This week, all students will have received an updated Digital User Agreement.  Parents/Guardians are expected to sign and sight the agreement.  This will need to be returned to school.
The agreements can also be found by clicking here.

School Website

Our School Website is currently undergoing review and an update.  We have implemented Google Translator onto our site.  We are also implementing pincode access to a school photo gallery to ensure that our community can view school photos more securely.
Please return student photo permission forms to school to grant access for your child.

The pincode is:  sawb3030

Click here to view the photo gallery.

You may also wish to leave a review of the school by clicking here.


Operoo is coming soon to St Andrews!
Be on the lookout for further information. Operoo is a digital forms and communication platform for connecting schools and parents.

St Andrew’s Mini Vinnies – Winter Appeal

Calling all knitters!

More information is on the attached regarding our Mini Vinnies team looking for hand made knitted items for the Vinnies Winter Appeal.


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Monday 13 June Queens Birthday Holiday
Wednesday 15 June Teeth on Wheels @ St Andrew’s
Friday 17 June Year 6 Winter Gala Sports Day
Monday 20 June Crazy Sock Drive begins
Tuesday 21 June TBC School Advisory Council Meeting
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Thursday 23 June Subway Lunch
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