Remote Learning Parent News – 29 August 2021

Dear Parents & Carers,

I hope you are well and managing in the current situation. I would like to thank you for continuing to support the work of the teachers in delivering learning remotely to your children. This current lockdown is due to end at 11:59pm on Thursday 2 September but with the current COVID numbers as they are there is every indications that the restrictions will be extended.

Next Sunday 5 September, is Father’s Day and I know this will create even greater disappointment if we are not able to visit our dad’s, grandads and others. From a school perspective, we are also disappointed as there are a number of activities that will have to be let go. The Parent Association were to have held the annual Father’s Day Stalls and the school has traditionally held a Father’s Day activity day that will now not occur, so I take this opportunity to wish all our dads a Happy Father’s Day for next Sunday.

This Thursday 2 September & Friday 3 September are pupil free days. The teachers will be involved in online activities on these days so will be unavailable and there will be no remote learning activities planned on these days. We hope that the children will benefit from some non screen time and the reduced demands. Camp Australia will be running a Pupil Free day program on both Thursday & Friday. Parents wishing to utilise the program are asked to register via the parent portal on the Camp Australia website. There will be no cost to families to use this program.

The Care & Supervision program will be running on Monday – Wednesday for the children of permitted parents and those children the school has identified as vulnerable. We ask that all children are registered via the eForm on the Skoolbag app.

Finally, with the expected extension to remote learning, the school would like to take a ‘temperature check’ with how things are going from your perspective. Attached is a link to a short 3 question survey designed to capture your thoughts about what is working well and if you have any thoughts for improving things. I wont promise every suggestion will be acted upon but your voice will help with our evaluation of our current effectiveness.

Take care

Michael Gavaghan

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