Return to School – Wednesday 28 July

Dear Parents & Guardians,


Most would now be aware that all students will return to on site learning from tomorrow, Wednesday 28 July.

Please be aware of the following arrangements:

  • To assist with social distancing please continue to drop and collect students from the usual gates.
    • Foundation – Gate 3
    • Grade 1 – Gate 3
    • Grade 2 – Gate 2
    • Grade 3 & 4 – Gate 6
    • Grade 5 – Gate 1
    • Grade 6 – Gate 7
    • Families enter & exit the gate of the youngest sibling
  • Gates open at 8.30, students enter classrooms at 8.45.
  • Return chromebooks & cords to the trollies at the entry gates. Returning the chromebooks tomorrow will mean we can have them back into classrooms as quickly as possible. All other school resources that were taken home should also be brought back to school.
  • Facemask wearing is still required for adults both inside and outside. Students can choose to wear masks if the wish.
  • Parents are still asked to not enter the school site unless you have an appointment or a specific purpose. If you do need to enter the school site please sign in using the QR codes available at the school gates.
  • Access to the school office is via Gate 1. All visitors must sign in using the Services Victoria QR code.

Once again I thank you for your support & understanding during this period of remote learning. On your behalf I also thank the school staff who have continued to provide learning both remotely and on site.

I look forward to seeing all students on their return to school tomorrow.

Take care


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