A smooth return to onsite learning!

Parent, Carers & Guardians

The return to onsite learning has gone very smoothly, at least from inside the school gates and I thank everyone for making the transition a successful one. Our Foundation, Grade 1 & Grade 2 students are loving the new classrooms.
I’d like to provide a few answers to recent questions and to provide a few reminders:

Stay home when unwell. The most important action school communities can take to reduce the risk of transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19), is to ensure that any unwell students remain at home, even with the mildest of symptoms.
While it is unlikely that a student who is unwell with flu-like symptoms will have coronavirus (COVID-19) we ask that a precautionary approach be taken. If you contact the school seeking advice as to whether a child should attend then our advice will be, ‘if in doubt stay at home’.
If a staff member is unsure whether a student is unwell in the first instance contact will be made with a parent/carer to discuss any concerns about the health status of the student, and taking a precautionary approach, request the parent/carer to collect their child if concerns remain.
Students experiencing compatible symptoms with coronavirus (COVID-19) should seek the advice of their healthcare professional who can advise on next steps.
Where students have been tested, they must isolate until they receive their test result.
Students are generally not required to present a medical certificate stating they are fit to return to an education setting after a period of illness, however they should not return until symptoms resolve.

Water Bottles
Please ensure your child is bringing a water bottle to school with them each day. On health advice, we have removed all of the communal water bubblers during this time. Taps are still available to refill water bottles.

Birthdays & Sharing Food
One of the greatest treats our children have is to celebrate a birthday however during this time the advice to schools is not to be sharing food. It is regrettable but until further notice we won’t be able to distribute treats, including lolly bags or other foods. Teachers will do their best to acknowledge birthdays and make students feel special for the day.

Thank you for promptly returning  the chromebooks to school, they are being disinfected and cleaned and should be available to the classes from next week. If you have not already done so please return chromebooks by the end of this week.

We welcome a new staff member, Claire Grady for the remainder of the year to teach Digital Technology lessons to the Grade 3-6 classes.
Kris Montgomery remains on leave until the end of the year

Take Care 
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