Term 3 Week 10

Dear Parents & Carers,

As we enter the last week of Term 3, the 6th week of a lockdown that began on August 5, I’d like to thank you for your support of your children, our students, and their teachers throughout. Like you, I have my fingers crossed for a return to onsite learning for Term 4 and I will keep you updated of any developments via the Skoolbag App and the website throughout the holidays.

I thank those who contributed to our recent survey and forum about remote learning and I truly hope we are not forced into continuing this mode of education for much longer. The feedback was complimentary of the efforts of the teachers, the level of communication between the school and families, the daily meets, the regular focus groups and intervention groups, the use of slides to outline the learning and the weekly learning schedule. We received some suggestions about the frequency of contact, the type of contact students have with their teachers and each other, the over reliance on technology for most learning, online protocols for behaviour and interacting.

Having reflected on the feedback we have decided to introduce two new initiatives for this week, Wellbeing Wednesday & Wellbeing Meets.

Wellbeing Wednesday
This Wednesday 15 September, the teachers will be organising screen free learning. All classes will hold their usual 9.00am Morning Meet to take attendance and to set the children up for the day. Students will then be encouraged to turn off their screens and participate in off screen learning activities. Each class’ activities will be shared via their Google classrooms. 

Wellbeing Meets
All classes have been asked to identify at least one time this week where they provide a google meet for the children login and chat. This meet is not intended to focus on learning but rather to provide the children a chance to connect and chat socially.

Term 3 ends at 1.00pm on Friday 17 September.
This applies to both Remote Learning and the Onsite Care & Supervision Program.
Camp Australia will provide afterschool care from 1.00pm


Take Care
Michael Gavaghan

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