Term 4 return to school information

Dear Parents, Carers & Guardians,

All Primary School students will return to on site learning on Monday 12th October. From this date remote learning will cease. Families are asked to return the school loaned chromebooks with chargers into the tubs at each school gate from Monday. We request these are returned promptly so they can be cleaned and made available for classroom use in a timely manner. Please report any damage or maintenance issues.

To facilitate the safe return to school for students and staff the following arrangements will be in place:

Arrival & Dismissal

  • The gates for Years 1 – 6 students will open at 8.45am, students will be expected to proceed straight to their classrooms and class will begin at 9.00. Years 1 – 6 students will be dismissed at 3.15pm.
  • The gate for Foundation will be available from 9.00am and Foundation students will be dismissed at 2.45pm


We believe we can safely admit and exit the students by utilising all the gates around the school. We ask your co-operation by using the correct gate for your child’s class. Please arrive and leave promptly.

  • Foundation B – Gate 3 (Single Gate on Mortimer St, closest to the new buildings       Enter  9.00am            Dismissal 2.45pm
  • Foundation S – Gate 4 (Double Gate on Mortimer St, soccer pitch)                                Enter 9.00am            Dismissal 2.45pm
  • Grade 1H       – Gate 3 (Single Gate on Mortimer St, closest to the new buildings)       Enter  8.45am            Dismissal 3.15pm
  • Grade 1O       – Gate 4 (Double Gate on Mortimer St, soccer pitch)                                  Enter 8.45am            Dismissal 3.15pm
  • Grade 2          – Gate 2 (Double Gate on Greaves St Nth, near new buildings )              Enter 8.45am            Dismissal 3.15pm
  • Grade 3          – Gate 6 (Double Gate on Stawell St, playground side )                             Enter 8.45am            Dismissal 3.15pm
  • Grade 4          – Gate 5 (Single Gate on Greaves St Nth, oval side )                                   Enter 8.45am            Dismissal 3.15pm
  • Grade 5          – Gate 7 (Single Gate on Stawell St, Basketball courts )                             Enter 8.45am            Dismissal 3.15pm
  • Grade 6          – Gate 1 (Main Gate on Greaves St Nth )                                                       Enter 8.45am            Dismissal 3.15pm

Families (more than one child) with a sibling in Foundation will arrive at 9.00 and be dismissed at 2.45. Entry and dismissal for the whole family via the Foundation gates (Gates 3  & 4)

Families without a sibling in Foundation will enter and dismiss through the youngest sibling’s class gate.

COVID Safety

  • Gates will remain locked during the day. Only staff and students are authorised to be on the school grounds. All enquiries or school business should be conducted by phone or email.
  • Children must remain home if they are unwell, even with the mildest of symptoms. Children becoming unwell during the day will be sent home. We will be taking an overly cautious approach.
  • Practice Good Hygiene
    • Hand sanitiser will be available in each classroom and students will be prompted to use it regularly throughout the day,
    • Children should bring their own water bottles, the water fountains at school have been removed. Taps are available to fill water bottles.
    • Sharing of food must not occur
    • Use non contact greetings
  • Ensure physical distancing
    • Please maintain 1.5ms distance, especially around the school gates.
    • Students will be encouraged to maintain physical distancing but this will not always be possible nor practical in the school environment
    • There will be no whole school gatherings – assemblies, liturgies, etc.
  • Wearing of Face Masks – A face mask that covers the nose and mouth is now the only permitted type of face covering. Face Shields, scarves and bandanas alone do not meet these requirements.
    • Staff must wear face masks at school except while teaching.
    • Parents/carers are required to wear a face mask for school drop off and pick up. Face masks are not required when driving a car alone or with members of your household.
    • Primary school students are not required to wear masks but some may choose to do so.
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