Term 4 – Return to School

Dear Parents & Carers,

I hope the school holidays have been kind to you. As we continue to battle the pandemic I know the holidays are not what they once were. We’ve been restricted in our movement, our social activities, our physical activities and our work making it more difficult than ever, while at the same time we are watching the case numbers, deaths and exposure sites increasing on a daily basis. I don’t wish to begin the term negatively but I do want to acknowledge the difficulties we are all facing.

We ended last term in the hope that we might return to school in some capacity from the beginning of term but we now know remote learning will continue for at least the first two weeks. Students will begin to return to school in a staggered way from October 18. A table has been included outlining the roadmap as it currently stands. More information will be shared as it is available.

Students of authorised essential workers and those identified as vulnerable by the school can access the Care & Supervision program provided by the school between 8.30am & 3.15pm. All families wishing to use this program must complete the online eForm, “On-site School Intentions Form” available on the skoolbag app under EFORMS. These forms are updated and need to be completed on a weekly basis. Parents who are registering their children due to being authorised workers must provide a current permit from both parents in two parent households. As it is a new term I ask that all authorised workers provide a new copy of their permit/s.

Remote learning will continue as usual with the following changes, some trialed last term.

Wellbeing Wednesday– Wednesday will be framed as Wellbeing Wednesday, teachers will be promoting/encouraging off screen activities for this day

Wellbeing meets – As well as the regular morning class meet, each class has been asked to provide a minimum of one occasion per week for the students to gather, socialise and connect. These are not compulsory for students to attend but are offered for their benefit.

Friday assembly – We wish to trial assemblies on Fridays @ 9.10am to be run by myself or either Lisa or Glenn, our deputy principals. At these assemblies weekly awards will be announced and other announcements made.

The weekly plan will be shared as normal, before Sunday evening.

Mask wearing for students is encouraged but is not mandated at this time.

Camp Australia will be providing Before & After School Care. As we are beginning a new term all previous bookings have been cancelled and parents are asked to update all bookings for the new term via the parent portal.

I look forward to the new term and seeing all the students either online or onsite.

Michael Gavaghan

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