Welcoming our students back

Dear Parents & Carers,

On Wednesday 3 November we will be welcoming all of our students back to school, it’s been a long time coming.

Here are few things you will need to know.

Arrival & Dismissal
Students arrive and are dismissed by the gates of the eldest student. The eldest child will collect siblings prior to dismissal.

  • Foundation & Grade 1- Gate 3
  • Grade 2 – Gate 2
  • Grade 3 & 4 – Gate 5
  • Grade 5 – Gate 1
  • Grade 6 – Gate 6

Gates open at 8.30am and children are dismissed at 3.15pm

School Bubbles
As much as possible students will remain in bubbles during the school day. We are discouraging mixing of levels. Staff will also stay in these bubbles where possible. This will hopefully minimise the risk of transmission and the need to close the whole school should a positive case be identified on site.

If your child is sick or showing symptoms please keep them at home.

All adults are required to wear a facemask when entering school grounds or buildings.
Children in Grades 3-6 are required to wear a facemask. If your child has an exemption from wearing a mask please inform your child’s teacher in writing via the REMIND App.

Although the school cannot collect and store the vaccination status of parents we are entitled to check the vaccination status of anyone entering the school site.
If you are unable to provide evidence you are vaccinated then you are not permitted to enter the school site.

Remote learning has finished and you are asked to return all chromebooks with their cords immediately as they are now required on site for learning.
All chromebooks are being cleaned and disinfected prior to being reissued to the classrooms.

We hope that with these measures in place we can provide your children with a safe and positive learning environment for the remainder of the year.
There will be more information available soon on events that are scheduled until the end of the year.
I thank you for your support of the teachers and the school during this difficult time.

Last Friday was World Teachers Day, our students featured along with students throughout the Archdiocese to wish our teachers well.
Please take a look, they make us proud.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and enjoy a ‘free’ Melbourne Cup Day.



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