Learning Diversity & Intervention

Learning Diversity

Catholic schools are committed to fostering inclusive practices which respond to learning diversity so that all students are actively engaged in learning and experience success.’ 

Horizons of Hope: Learning Diversity in a Catholic School, 2017.

At St Andrew’s, we understand that all students are different. Some students may have abilities, experiences or beliefs that have an impact on their ability to access their academic, physical or social emotional learning in the same way as their peers.

Some of their differences may include: 

* cultural background

* learning needs

* exceptional ability 

* physical, cognitive, social and emotional or sensory disability.

The Learning Diversity Team at St Andrew’s advocates for these students, by collaborating with teachers, families and external agencies to ensure support and adjustments are in place to meet their diverse needs through the development of Personalised Learning Plans, co-constructed with families though regular Program Support Group meetings.


St Andrew’s School uses the Response to Intervention multi-tier framework to deliver an evidence-based Intervention program. Small group and individualised intervention programs are used to support identified needs in social-emotional development or curriculum areas, specifically Literacy. Our Intervention staff use data to inform where each student requires specific intervention support to increase their access to the whole curriculum.