Mathematics is of great importance in our everyday lives. From being on time, figuring out directions, managing money, participating in sports, preparing food, playing music or decorating a space. 

St Andrews follows a school-wide, holistic approach to organising the Victorian Curriculum strands of Number, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability to support student learning. Mathematical strands are aligned to the Inquiry concept being taught to enable the opportunity for students to form authentic and deeper understandings across different curriculum areas. 

Our Approach:

At St Andrew’s we aim to enhance students’ understanding of concepts by scaffolding learning through the use of hands-on concrete materials, virtual manipulatives and visual learning tools to help to build understanding of abstract mathematical concepts. Staff provide a balance between explicit teaching and a variety of tasks to support problem solving, reasoning and subject specific vocabulary at all year levels. Mathematical tasks are differentiated to meet the diverse needs of classrooms through the use of open- ended, problem-solving and rich tasks. ICT is also used to support student learning. 

Engaging in Mathematical dialogue is critical in developing and  understanding, reasoning, and critical thinking within a group setting. Support and opportunities for critical reflection are provided to enable students to develop a growth mindset, to address challenges in a timely manner and celebrate achievements. 

Through Maths we develop positive learner dispositions such as being curious, positive, persistent, flexible, resourceful & organised.