St. Andrew’s School

St. Andrew’s School Motto

St. Andrew’s Primary School is one of six Catholic Primary Schools operating in the Parish of St. Andrew’s Werribee: St. Andrew’s, Corpus Christi, Bethany, Our Lady of the Southern Cross, St John the Apostle and St Joseph’s.

St. Andrew’s is the original school established in 1908. Each of the schools operate independently. For the purpose of enrolments, a zoning system operates between the schools. Zoning details may be obtained from the School or Parish Office.

The teaching and learning of the Catholic faith is the primary purpose of St. Andrew’s School. We endeavour to continue the education in faith already begun by the parents in the years prior to commencing formal education. It continues as a partnership with parents and the Catholic community of St. Andrew’s Parish.

The sense of community that exists at St. Andrew’s is a strong one. It is exemplified by the willingness of all members (parents, staff, parish priest, pastoral associates and parishioners) to support, encourage and be there for one another.

Our school is characterised by dedicated teaching and administrative staff, caring and responsive family groups and children who possess a love of learning and sense of fun. Our purpose today is to educate for strong, moral and disciplined individuals who strive for excellence and who develop their intellectual, social and creative talents in order to be effective, responsible citizens.

Our students are from many cultural backgrounds, and we follow the ideal of the Christian community in which each learns and grows in an environment of mutual respect and co-operation.