Specialist Programs

St. Andrew’s Primary School aims to integrate Information Technology into the everyday curriculum as much as possible. Foundation classrooms have 6 computers for student use, and all other classrooms have at least 8 – 10 systems. These are all connected to the school’s local area network, giving students access to a variety of educational and developmental software to assist them with their learning.Students are provided with internet access, their own filtered email accounts as well as year level blogs where they can showcase their work.

St. Andrew’s offers all its students a dedicated technology program which takes place in a dedicated computer lab. The lab is equipped with 30 student computers and it’s here the students are taught how to use a range of productivity, communication and research tools, with an emphasis on responsible use, problem solving, and decision making. Students also learn basic graphic design skills, and in grades 5 and 6, learn how to write HTML code to produce and publish their own web pages

 L O T E (Italian)

At St. Andrew’s Primary School we are aware of our multicultural community and value the importance of providing our students the opportunity to experience more than one linguistic and cultural perspective.

The students from Foundation to Year SIx participate in the Italian program, which exposes them to various levels of the Italian language and understanding of the cultural perspective / awareness.

A Multicultural Day is celebrated each year at St. Andrew’s School.